Flank Steak  from the lower rib area 
below the fillet (250 g)
Rumpsteak Steak from the flat Beiried (300/500 g)
Rib-Eye-Steak Steak from roast beef (boneless - 300/500 g)
Filet Mignon  Steak from fillet (300/500 g)
T-Bone Steak Steak from the Beiried with bones
and medium fillet content - (600 g)
Porterhousesteak Steak from the Beiried with bones
and large fillet portion (800 g) for two persons 


BLUE RARE   Outside roasted, inside cold and raw - 36 ° C
RARE The meat is roasted vigorously.
It reaches thereby inside a maximum
temperature of 45° - 48 ° C and is therefore still raw.
MEDIUM RARE  The meat is roasted at medium heat,
so that it is heated to about 55° C in the core.
It still appears bloody.
MEDIUM ROSA The meat is cooked at medium heat
"cooked to the point." It shows inside
a maximum temperature of 65° C and
is evenly pink from the outside to the inside.
MEDIUM | WELL  The meat is roasted slowly on a small fire,
so that the core is only slightly pink.
It has a temperature of about 85° C in the core.
WELL-DONE Fried / Grey (We assume no responsibility for this cooking level)

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