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Flank steak from the lower rib area
underneath the fillet (250 g)
Rump steak Steak from the flat sirloin (300/500 g)
Rib-eye steak Roast steak (boneless – 300/500 g)
Filet mignon Steak from the fillet (300/500 g)
T-bone steak Sirloin steak with bone
and medium fillet – (600 g)
Porterhouse steak Sirloin steak with bone
and large fillet portion (800 g) for two people
BlACK & BLUE Roasted on the outside, cold and raw on the inside
RARE/ VERY BLOODY Fry the meat well.
Inside, it achieves a maximum
temperature of 45° C and is therefore still raw.
MEDIUM RARE | RARE Fry the meat over a medium heat,
so that it is heated to around 55° C in the core.
It still appears bloody as a result.
MEDIUM ROSA Cook the meat over a medium heat
“cooked to the point”. Inside it has
a maximum temperature of 65° C and
is uniformly pink in color from the outside to the inside.
MEDIUM | WELL DONE The meat is roasted slowly over a low heat,
so that it is only slightly pink at the core.
It has a core temperature of around 85° C.
WELL DONE Cooked through/grey (We accept no responsibility for this cooking level)


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